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[NEWS] Now hiring International Students in Shibuya!

Our first cafe in Taiwan is now open! A sister shop of our WIRED TOKYO 1999 in Shibuya, this location as well is a combination bookstore / cafe made in collaboration with TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE. We plan on opening several more Taiwan locations soon.


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[RELEASE] Establishment of Joint Venture, Peoples Inc.

[RELEASE] Establishment of Joint Venture, Peoples Inc.

Cafe Company Inc. (66%) and Adastria Inc. (34%) have established a joint venture company called “Peoples Inc” which will encompass the joint management of the WIRED CAFE and the WIRED KITCHEN brands. Peoples inc will foster an enhanced version of “Japanese Clothing, Food, and Living.”


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[NEWS] Now Hiring!

[NEWS] Now hiring International Students in Shibuya!

Cafe Company has started hiring the new grads of 2017-18! We also offer part-time jobs or internships. We are looking to aggressive increase the number of non-Japanese employees we have so that we can better take care of our foreigner customers. We also need the superstars who will help us with our growing overseas expansion. Full details on the separate English jobs site.


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[EVENT] WIRED HOTEL Pre-Pre-Open Party @ Asakusa


With only half a year until our WIRED HOTEL opens in Asakusa, we are launching a new website and opening reservations. To celebrate, on Sept 30 we're having a party combined with a 1MILE x 100MILE event. We will provide nihonshu, tofu, sparkling ocha, and have demonstrations by Asakusa artisan of leather and candy making. RSVP on our Facebook page.


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[NEW OPEN] Hakko Izakaya 5, a fermentation Japanese/Korean izakya in Omotesando!

[NEW OPEN] Hakko Izakaya 5 in Omotesando

'Hakko' is the Japanese word for "fermented." Japanese and Korean cuisines have a long history of using fermentation to bring out special flavors and enhance the health benefits of ingredients. Hakko Izakaya 5 is the first of it's kind - an izakaya that features all fermentation related foods. Suzuki-chef is a Japanese Korean and his specialties are fermented chicken 'kara-age' and Korean chicken stew 'samgyetang.'


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[NEW OPEN] From New York, to Tokyo!

Rosemary's Tokyo, now open in Shinjuku!

Rosemary's, the popular West Village Italian restaurant in New York, has come to Tokyo! Just opened in the new NEWoMan shopping center at the south exit of Shinjuku Station, Rosemary's Tokyo features homemade pastas, focaccia, and grilled secondi. Like the original, we partnered with local farmers and producers for our ingredients and have also replicated the rooftop farm. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Shinjuku skyline from our large outdoor terrace.


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[NEW OPEN] Vegan Shojin Cuisine in Kyoto

[NEW OPEN] UKISHIMA GARDEN, a new vegan, shojin restaurant in Kyoto.

With one location in the resort area of the big island of Okinawa, we've now opened our second UKISHIMA GARDEN cafe in Kyoto! Located in a renovated machiya Kyoto-style wooden house, it provides an authentic Japanese zen experience. We've created our own vegan menu based on the Shojin buddhist gastronomic method. All vegetables, tofu, and other ingredients are sourced locally from the Kyoto area.


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[NEW OPEN] Kyoto Modern Terrace.

[NEW OPEN] Kyoto Modern Terrace in the renovated Kyoto Kaikan.

Kyoto Kaikan was a theater complex built in 1960 during the height of the Japanese modernism architectural movement. It was completed renovated in 2016, yet kept it’s 60’s retro feel. Located at the foot of the Heian Jingu Shrine, our Kyoto Modern Terrace cafe restaurant within this new complex has wide open terrace seating overlooking the natural beauty of Kyoto.

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